The Dog Watcher original dog stories

The Dog Watcher

This Book is Original Dog Stories

The Dog Watcher original dog stories
The Dog Watcher original dog stories!

You will love meeting Rigel!

When THE DOG WATCHER enters the lives of people who need someone to care for their dogs, subtle and wonderful changes occur.

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Kona is a rescued greyhound whose owner is an overworked, repressed lawyer, named Paula Boland.

Spar is a huge, handsome, old Newfoundland whose owner, Jack Moscowitz is alone in the world except for Spar.

Billy is a pound puppy. The young couple who own him face a big decision.

The dogs recognize Rigel, the dog watcher, for the angel she is. Their owners hardly notice her presence but because of her, their lives are changed forever.

THE DOG WATCHER tells the stories of: Kona, the rescued greyhound, Spar, the Newfoundland, Billy, the pound puppy, Gray Poopon, the standard poodle, Jewel, the Jack Russell, Clooney, the Afghan Hound, Mike and Ike, the twin Pomeranians, Jasper, the Airedale, Tika, the Great Dane, Maverick, the German Shepherd, Chukchi, the Husky and Roger, the black retriever who is a seeing eye dog. Their stories are interwoven by Rigel and other characters who appear throughout the book.

Rigel’s charges come to life in portraits by artist, Lonnie Rosenberg.